New flip to create a maverick Lenovo Flex 14 review

ashionable new flip 300 degree deformation new feeling

With the needs of users and the development of the industry, as the touch era is approaching, the touch ultrabook has also ushered in a new era of deformation. After Yoga created a brand new flip design classic, Lenovo’s new Flex series touch models also adopted the concept of flip. Flexible is reputed to mean “flexible and flexible”, and it is a lively vocabulary. If the Flex series is an abbreviation of the English word “flexible”, then the overall design of the Flex series is really full of fashion elements.

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Lenovo’s new Flex series has a total of 14-inch and 15-inch models. This series focuses on independent features and touch-flip new life, so its positioning and price are oriented to the fashion public. The model we pressed this time is the Flex 14 equipped with Intel Core i5 processor. Compared to mainstream users, 14 inches has always been a classic size and is widely accepted by consumers. Let’s take a closer look at this new Flex 14 in detail, and see how this product will feel after using the new flip design.

Powerful mainstream configuration

There are two models of Lenovo Flex 14. They use orange waist line and silver waist line. The colors are bold and unique. The black appearance has become the main color of the fuselage, and the waist line has become a distinctive embellishment. It echoes the design of Yoga 13. It only shows fashion but also gives a high-end atmosphere.

Rich interfaces, thin and light design

Although the body of the Flex 14 is very thin, the thinnest part is only 6mm, but it still has RJ45 network cable interface for users. The HDMI high-definition interface is convenient for users to connect external display devices, but it is a pity that we have not seen the most commonly used VGA video interface, which is very similar to the design of Yoga.

Measured weight link

According to the measured weight, we can see that the stand-alone weight of Lenovo Flex 14 is about 1.89Kg, and the total weight after matching the adapter is about 2.23Kg, which is not bad for a 14-inch touch ultrabook. Especially after ensuring the touch function and many interfaces and mainstream performance, it can still maintain such weight, which is very consistent with the positioning of its popular mainstream touch deformation ultrabook.

Measurement of mainstream accessories

This Flex 14 test machine we got this time is equipped with an Intel Core i5-4200U processor. After testing the CPU-Z, we can see that it uses a 22-nanometer industrial design with a main frequency of 1.6GHz. Can reach 2.3GHz, strong performance but power consumption is only 15W. Built with 2 cores and 4 threads, it is a low-power, high-performance processor, and it is also the mainstream choice for touch ultrabooks.All Flex 14 models are equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT720M discrete graphics. Although this graphics card is positioned as an entry level, up to 2GB of video memory and relatively good performance still allow this to have a certain graphics processing performance, running a mainstream Game is no problem. Through GPU-Z inspection, we can see that this NVIDIA GeForce GT720M discrete graphics card equipped with Lenovo Flex 14 is designed with 40 nanometers, the graphics card is 64-bit wide, has 2GB DDR3 video memory, and the core frequency of the graphics card is as high as 775MHz. Performance is quite good.

Performance measurement link

After equipped with Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT720M discrete graphics card, Lenovo Flex 14 scored well in various test scores. As this Flex 14 we got is equipped with a 500GB traditional mechanical hard disk. Therefore, its performance in the hard disk test is relatively average, but currently Flex 14 has solid-state modules with traditional hard disk models on the market, if the solid-state module system, I believe its score will significantly increase. However, in summary, the performance of Lenovo Flex 14 is enough to meet the needs of mainstream users for a mainstream 14-inch touch fashion model.

Fashion choice Flex becomes the main force of the masses

The Flex series is a new product launched by Lenovo. The unique 300-degree flip design seems to borrow from the success of Yoga. The unique standing mode brings users a brand new experience. For a stylish touchpad that is positioned in the mainstream, Lenovo Flex 14 not only has the mainstream configuration and exquisite workmanship, the unique flip screen design is its biggest highlight, and the stylish and avant-garde design can help it Win the choice of young users who are after personality.

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