Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review

Microsoft held a new product launch in New York and released 6 Surface devices in one go. In addition to the stunning dual-screen computer Surface Neo and the legendary “Surface Phone” in different forms to meet consumers, the upgraded version of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is also one of the biggest highlights of this conference. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 has been upgraded to the 10th generation Core processor at the pace of Intel. Another highlight is the addition of a USB Type-C interface.

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The appearance remains the same, USB Type-C is actually the biggest highlight
The Surface Pro 7 looks exactly the same as the Surface Pro 6, in fact, even if I put the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 7 that have been used for many years together, it is difficult to see the difference between the two products for the first time Design difference.
Since the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s Surface Pro has continued this classic two-in-one design. The detachable foldable keyboard, a stand for multiple angles, and a touchable screen make the Surface Pro work on laptops, Switch between tablet and portable studio modes.
Although this classic two-in-one design has been used for many years, it has to be said that Microsoft is still ahead in design. Even if it is still full of technology and fashion, the Surface Pro 7 has bright platinum and elegant black. High-level, no other extra colors and design elements, simple and elegant fashion sense is pleasing to the eye, from the perspective of the author’s personal subjective perspective, this design is really good.
In terms of body size, the Surface Pro 7 (i7 version) we received alone weighed 790 grams (excluding the keyboard cover), and it was more difficult to use with one hand (in fact, no one really took it as a tablet with one hand) ), But using both hands as a tablet is much easier.
Considering heat dissipation, performance, and hardware stacking, as a tablet, the Surface Pro 7 is exceptionally well-balanced in configuration, weight, and design. Of course, this is also the main reason why the Surface Pro 7 scored only one point in the disassembly of iFixit. The degree of integration is too high. Some components are directly welded to the motherboard. Want to disassemble and upgrade the configuration? I suggest you save it!

Surface Pro 7 front camera distribution, including Windows Hello facial recognition camera and a 5-megapixel front camera supporting 1080p Full HD video. In addition, the Surface Pro 7 has a new matrix far-field dual microphone, which will make the video conference better.
The speakers are still located on both sides of the screen, with Dolby Audio Premium’s 1.6W stereo. At the center of the back of the tablet is an 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera that supports 1080p Full HD video.
The most “touching” part of Surface Pro 7 is that it finally makes up for the regret that Surface Pro 6 does not have USB Type-C. On Surface Pro 7, Microsoft replaced the original mini Displayport interface with USB Type-C. A small interface. For Surface Pro 7, the use of USB Type-C is too extensive. You can use it to charge, connect headphones, transfer data, connect to external displays, and even expand interfaces, network cables, and more. .
The original mini Displayport interface can only expand the display. It is no exaggeration to say that I have not used the mini Displayport interface on the Surface Pro 4 for many years.
In addition, it is necessary to add that this USB Type-C supports PD fast charging. The 65W Lenovo lipstick power supply used by the author can achieve fast charging, and also supports PD mobile power, which means that you do n’t have to carry Surface Pro 7 when you go out. Microsoft’s Surface Connect charger.
It’s a pity that this USB Type-C interface does not support Thunderbolt 3, and the transfer rate may not be as fast, but thank you for having USB Type-C, wake up, this is Microsoft!

Inside the bracket on the back of the tablet, there is also a MicroSDXC socket. You can easily expand the storage of Surface Pro 7 through it. It is usually very cost-effective for storing data and videos. Of course, supporting SD card expansion is also a fine tradition of Microsoft Surface, this point is not much introduced.
The screen display quality is good in enhanced mode, but the big black border is crazy
In terms of design, the Surface Pro 7 also has a place for the author to talk about, such as the large black frame that has not changed for 10,000 years. Although some people will say that Surface Pro 7 still has a flat form, after all, the large black frame in the hand can be used to a certain extent. Avoid accidental touch, but you must know that the iPad Pro next door, which is also a flat iPad Pro, has already increased the screen ratio a lot. In the era of “full screen of everything”, the obscure large black frame of the Surface Pro 7 is justified.
The screen of the Surface Pro 7 is also no change compared to the previous generation. The parameters are consistent with the Surface Pro 6, including 12.3-inch, 267ppi pixel density, the overall display quality is high, and ordinary users’ daily office use is still sufficient.
In the system’s display settings, Surface Pro 7 provides two display modes: sRGB and enhanced. With the naked eye comparison, the color saturation of the enhanced mode is significantly higher and the colors are richer, while the sRGB display mode is slightly weaker.

As usual, the IT House tested this screen on the Surface Pro 7 with Spyder 5 Elite, including the two important parameters of color gamut and color accuracy.

1. Enhancement mode:
The screen on Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is 98% sRGB, and AdobeRGB is 76%. In terms of color accuracy, the average △ E of the Surface Pro 7 is only 1.81, and the minimum △ E is only 0.86. The performance is quite good.
2. sRGB mode:
In this mode, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 screen is 96% sRGB and AdobeRGB is 73%. In terms of color accuracy, the performance of the Surface Pro 7 is a bit “unexpected”, and the average △ E has reached 3.98. Obviously, if you are a graphics worker, it is more suitable to use the enhanced display mode, or after the screen is calibrated by the instrument use.
Overall, the screen performance of the Surface Pro 7 is not bad, but it may not be particularly prominent in similar products. Another point may be the reason for the media machine. In the upper right corner of the Surface Pro 7 screen, there is a light leakage phenomenon in a pure black screen in an extremely dark environment. This is also the “basic operation” of the Surface Pro. The one in my hand Surface Pro 4 has a large area of light leakage at the bottom. Fortunately, these light leakages are basically not felt in daily use.
The Surface Pro 7’s keyboard combines lightness and thinness, and it also has the feel of a traditional mechanical keyboard. Although the key stroke is short, the feedback is compact and powerful.
Compared with ThinkPad’s small red dot keyboard, Surface Pro 7 feels harder and crisper. Compared to MacBook’s butterfly keyboard, Surface Pro 7’s keyboard has a longer key travel and rebound is very obvious. All in all, the keyboard of the Surface Pro 7 performs absolutely well, and there is no fatigue when typing for a long time.

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In the form of a notebook, because the center of gravity of the Surface Pro 7 is all on the screen, there are occasional top-heavy problems, especially when the notebook is placed on the leg, the bracket on the back of the tablet is supported at the knee position of the author , The center of gravity is backward, and the bottom of the keyboard is hollow, so occasionally there will be instability when typing on the keyboard (compared to ordinary notebooks), the tablet also has a feeling of easy to fall off the legs, so it also requires extra Be careful.
Of course, this is compared with ordinary notebooks. The most powerful aspect of Surface Pro 7 design is the wide range of application scenarios. You can take out its magnetic keyboard and use it as a tablet. You can also flip the keyboard behind the body, and you can even use its external display as an ultra-portable mobile host and so on.
Part II: Performance Evaluation

In the first half of this year, Intel released the Ice Lake processor, using a new 10nm process. Following the pace of Intel, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has been upgraded to 10th-generation Core processors.
1. CPU-Z test:
Through the CPU-Z, the running score of the i7-1065G7 on the Surface Pro 7 was tested. The Surface Pro 7 has a single-core score of 493 and a multi-core score of 2411. It is stronger than the 15W i7-8565U, which is suitable for mainstream office entertainment applications. That’s okay.

2.CineBench R15
The single-threaded score of Surface Pro 7 in CineBench R15 is 180cb, and the multi-threaded score is 788cb, which is basically the same as the performance of the 14nm U-series processor.

3.CineBench R20
Surface Pro 7 scored 455pts in CineBench R20 single-threaded and 1699pts in multi-threaded.

In chess, the Surface Pro 7 has a performance multiple of 28.78 and a score of 13,815 thousand steps.

Nuclear upgrade is huge, overshadowing the CPU light

In the past, Surface Pro’s nuclear display performance was so weak that it couldn’t handle mainstream games. So what about the upgraded i7-1065G7? Compared with the CPU performance, the biggest upgrade of the i7-1065G7 is the nuclear display. The built-in Iris Plus Graphics nuclear display has 64 EU units and 512 ALU units, which is 2.5 times the i7-8565U. The upgrade rate is amazing. It means that in the face of most mainstream online games, the Surface Pro 7 can also calmly face it.

5. 3DMark measured
3DMark measured Time Spy total score of 900+, 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme graphics score reached 1300+ points, the performance is still unexpected, 2.5 times the previous generation UHD 620, almost at the same level as the full-blood version of MX 150 .

6.Hard disk storage test
The 256GB Surface Pro 7 we got was measured by the testing tool CrystalDiskMark. The sequential read and write speeds of the SequentialQ32T1 were 2042.4MB / s and 828.9MB / s, respectively; the 4KiBQ8T8 random read and write speeds were 527.7MB / s and 468.5MB / s.

Judging from the above results, the hard disk read speed of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is still good, which can fully meet almost all daily use and work scenarios.

The battery life is slightly worse than the previous generation. Support for WiFi 6 is a small highlight.
The Surface Pro 7 has a regrettable place compared to the previous generation-the battery. According to the official statement, the battery life of the Surface Pro 7 is estimated to be 10 hours, which is less than the previous Surface Pro 6 For a full three hours, in fact, in foreign media reports, many overseas users have reported that the Surface Pro 7 has a better battery life than the Surface Pro 6.
However, in my actual experience, the Surface Pro 7 ’s battery life is basically satisfactory. The two-hour live webpage press conference consumes about 40% of power (40% brightness). From this point of view, the Surface Pro 7 is basically able to meet users 6-8 hours of office requirements (such as web pages, word processing, a small amount of PS photo editing, etc.).
Overall, the Surface Pro 7 is still the most powerful 2-in-1 tablet device. After years of updating and iterating, the Surface Pro inherits the excellent foundation of the keyboard and tablet 2-in-1, and the experience is more and more like a PC. Serious laptop products.

The advantage of Surface Pro 7 is not the tablet or PC notebook, but the diversity of the form of Windows devices. When you are happy, you can use it as a tablet. Although the Surface Pro 7 is in the field of touch and application ecology, Not as good as Fruit’s iPad, but after all, chat is better than nothing, and it is enough to be a professional painting tool; when you are unhappy, plug in the keyboard and mouse to Surface Pro 7 and it will instantly become a high-productivity Windows device. Word, not even games.

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